Is Dating Over 50 Better Than Dating In Your 20s?

© Svyatoslav Lypynskyy/Dollar Photo Club

Instead of feeling frustrated and confused about dating, ladies who are older than 50 should relax and realize that those 20-something girls have nothing on you. Dating over 50 is actually far better than in your 20’s and there are many reasons for this.

Those false notices that you are behind the game in any possible way should disappear once and for all because if there’s an age in your life made for enjoying the dating process – it’s after you turn 50.

Let’s take a look at 4 legitimate reasons dating over 50 is better than dating in your 20s:

You are self-confident

Unlike back when you were in your 20s, today you approach the dating game as a rich person, when it comes to life knowledge. You no longer feel lost or confused and you no longer try to figure out who you are, as you did in your 20s.

Women over 50 have more self-confidence, they know exactly what they like or don’t like, and they trust their own instincts more. The most important benefit of life experience is great self-confidence, and by now you have loads of it.

You aren’t looking to start a family

Once you no longer hear the ticking of your biological clock, and once the desire to start a family stops, you will discover a new level of freedom. In your 20s you were looking for a man to start a family with. The pressure was so much higher, and your criteria for a partner were quite different than they are now. Later on, when you were in your 30s, the ticking clock was even louder, and you used to feel pressured to find a good father and supplier before the ticking goes away.

Now, it’s all gone, and you can relax and choose yourself a partner you really like spending time with. Not to mention the fact fighting with your partner over parenting approaches is history and not an issue at all. To put it short: now you can finally focus on having fun and choose an interesting partner you want to share your life with!

You have experience

When a woman reaches her 50s, she has already been in several relationships, and maybe even marriage(s). Her communication skills go way beyond the level they were at when she was in her 20s. She knows it is normal to have an argument with a partner, she knows issues do exist and they need to be resolved. She also knows no one is perfect and she isn’t afraid to speak up because she fears she will lose her partner over a fight. A woman in her 50s knows how to have calm conversations, think logically and give her partner a chance and space to express his feelings.

Remember the insane amount of drama that happened the first time you had a fight with your boyfriend when you were in your 20s? Storming out of the house, yelling and alarming the whole neighborhood, saying the wrong things – we’ve all been there.

That chapter of your life is over. You are smarter and calmer now and you can resolve any issue by remaining calm and civilized.

Men over 50 are tenderer

Good news, ladies: not only have you improved over the years, but so have the gentlemen. As they age, men become more comfortable with intimacy and they are less likely to have emotional unavailability issues. As people grow older they become more able to fine-tune their relationship skills.

The chances of finding a man who is caring and willing to make your relationship work is far better with older men than with young guys.