The Dos and Don’ts Of Senior Dating

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Although dating might seem easy enough to most people, there still are many ways to doom your date, especially if you aren’t familiar with the essentials. As a senior, you’ve most certainly had many dates by now, and you know how you should act, but still, there might be several things you never really thought about.

Once you finally find a special someone you really want to meet, the next problem is: what should you talk about? Even though you might have talked online to that person for days, even months, face to face conversations are nothing like online chatting, and those awkward silence moments might pop up. If you want to avoid feeling uncomfortable, stick to the following topic:

DO talk about:

Your hobbies

Asking your date what kind of things he enjoys is always ok. You can tell each other all about the activities that make you happy. It might be reading, it might be volunteering, it might be yoga classes. Anything you really like doing makes perfect conversation material because not only do you know a lot about the subject, you will lighten up thinking about those things, and so will your date.


Both of you are probably older than 40, and you’ve most probably travelled some places by now. You don’t have to necessarily talk about exotic destinations, a good time at some bed and breakfast nearby, or a cozy weekend in a cottage by a river is also exciting to talk about.

Exercise and fitness

Talking about exercising is a solid ground for getting to know how the two of you would fit together in the future. Maybe both you and your date love going on picnics, or maybe the two of you would love to go sailing together. This is a great way of understanding how active the two of you would be as a couple.

Favorite food

If you want to see how flexible and open minded your date is, talk to him about food! You could get some splendid ideas for future dates, and you might realize your date loves Chinese food just as much as you do.


Family is a safe topic, and it gives you an insight of your date’s true nature. Never be overenthusiastic when you talk about your children or grandchildren – you might bore your date. It is understandable you love them, but he/she is on a date with you, not with your family. Talk about them in general terms, let your date know how proud you are of your children, but keep the spotlight on yourself, not on them.

Many seniors make the mistake of taking bad turn in the conversation, and forcing topics that tend to be deal breakers.

DON’T talk about:


Talking about your own illness or the illness of a family member puts a dark cloud above your whole date. If you have to bring it up, try to keep it short and don’t go into details. In case your date insists you talk about it, just say it’s too much of a depressing topic, and you’d rather talk about something lighter. Or, tell him you’re here to talk about him, not illnesses.

Death of a spouse

In case you’ve had to face widowhood, of course you need to mention it to your date. But, mentioning is one thing, and turning the whole date into a depressing tale of your late spouse is a definite no-no.


Similar to death, divorce is a real downer, when it comes to date conversations. No one wants to know about how bad your divorce was, and no one wants to hear you nagging about your ex all the time. Chill, say you’re divorced and may that be the only time you mention your ex.


Whether your finances are good or bad, talking about them on a date is never a good idea. If you’re going through some tough times, your date might think you’re only looking for someone to hose off. In case you’ve got plenty of cash, you might become a victim of a money – lover.

Politics, race and religion

Of course you need to discuss these things once you are in a relationship with someone, but not at your first couple of dates. These topics can easily blow your chances, so stay away from them.