Dating Deal Breakers For People Over 50

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Some people might think that our priorities, when it comes to choosing a partner, change drastically as we get older, but is this really the case? A recent survey has shown that seniors share the same deal breakers with people who are in their 30’s. The top three things seniors wouldn’t agree to, when choosing a partner, are:

  • Poor physical or mental health
  • Financial instability
  • Physical unattractiveness

To be honest, this doesn’t really come as a surprise, does it?

Dating over 50 can get a little frustrating at times, especially for women. Very often, mature women are doomed to dating older men whose health condition isn’t what one would call perfect, to say the least. What I’ve learned so far is that, when you date someone, you aren’t looking for a nursing position. A woman wants to be a friend and a lover to the person she dates. This might sound discriminating and not fair, but it’s the truth. If you want to date a man, you want to date the man, not nourish him all the time and worry about his health.

When it comes to financial stability, it is completely understandable for a mature person to look for someone who won’t drain their funds. After all, after the age of 50, many people already have life savings and a certain way of lifestyle they’ve adopted throughout the years. Meeting a broke person who can’t keep up, or even worse, who expects you to take care of their finances and make their life better by investing money in the relationship, isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. These things might not worry us as much when we are in our 20’s and have our whole lives in front of us, but when you’re a senior, the financial state of your partner really does matter a lot. You can never know when one of you would get ill and need funds for treatments. When they meet someone whose health and finances are not on the bright side, many people think they should reconsider dating that person.

Being physically attractive doesn’t mean you should look like Miss or Mister Universe, and it most certainly doesn’t mean you should undergo plastic surgery. A person can be physically attractive even if they aren’t conventionally beautiful. All it takes is for them to be fit. Being in a good physical condition isn’t only important for dating prospects, it is good for your health, too. If you are in good shape, you will automatically avoid deal breaker no.1. A fit, healthy person has many more dates to look forward to, compared to an unhealthy person who is in poor physical condition.

The fact a person is mid-life doesn’t mean they’ve lost their mind, nor does it mean they would settle for anything. As harsh as that might sound, if you ask any senior for an honest opinion, you would see that none of these deal breakers are exaggerated. No one is saying you have to be stunningly beautiful, as fit as possible, and dirty rich. You should, however, keep your body in a good condition, have a healthy lifestyle and expect a partner to enrich your life on many levels, instead of condemning them to nourishing your poor health and finances.