How To Become A Better Catch

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Although theoretically we would all like to believe we are perfect just the way we are, there are some things we can do to make our perfect selves appear even better to out potential dates.


Your whole life will be easier if you start exercising and working on your body image. Not only will you look more attractive, you will feel lighter, and you will most certainly be healthier. No one says you have to go and run a marathon. Start with light exercises such as long walks. As days go by and as your shape gets better, you can move on to running and doing cardio exercises. Your body will be very thankful, and you will get a bunch of new admirers in no time. The hardest thing about exercise is the start itself. Once you’re on track, things get a lot easier.

Wear clothes that compliment your figure

If you aren’t sure what styles or colors look good on you, go to a high-end retail store, and ask the assistants for help. If you have a girlfriend with a good sense of style, that’s even better! Bring her home and go through your wardrobe with her. Try on your favorite combinations and ask for an opinion. Take her shopping and let her choose the clothes she thinks look best on you. Choose clothes that compliment your body shape and show off your good sides. The ladies should know they don’t have to be slaves to fashion, but wearing something trendy and looking stylish will help you work on your confidence, and we all know there’s nothing sexier than a confident woman.

Gentlemen, say goodbye to your 5 year-old shoes and that one belt you’ve been wearing since the previous century. Invest in a new belt, new pair of shoes and a new suit. Women notice all these things and yes, they will judge you according to your clothes. Treating yourself with new clothes isn’t a crime, and you need to look good in order to feel good, so go for it.

Ladies, your hair and make-up needs to be updated

Many women wear make up every day, but many other women just don’t want to bother with it. As much as natural beauty is valued these days, you are, after all, an adult woman, and you can’t count on your natural qualities to shine through the way they used to. Using makeup doesn’t have to take more than five minutes. Take some time to put on some blush, mascara and a lipstick – trust me, it will be worth it. Invest in quality makeup that nourishes your skin, ask a makeup artist to help you choose the perfect makeup line for your skin tone. Go to the hairdresser and get yourself a fancy hairdo. Change the color of your hair. Let yourself look fresh and desirable, you can be sure the gentleman will appreciate it.

Be positive

People with negative attitudes are very common, and you can hear many seniors complain about them. Everyone prefers a partner who is cheerful and optimistic. No one really wants to date a person who complains about everything all the time and spreads negativity all around them. If you aren’t feeling good about your life, don’t expect to go on a date and find a partner to fill the void you feel deep inside. You need to feel good about yourself and your life in general, before you decide to share it with another person. No one wants a depressed partner who’s down all the time and no one wants to listen to endless nagging. If you’re grumpy – don’t go on a date until you get over whatever it is that makes you feel that way.

Have realistic expectations

Many people over fifty tend to think they look 10 years younger than they are, and therefor want to date only people who are 10+ years younger. While it’s totally understandable why they find youth so attractive, they should realize that this attitude won’t necessarily get them where they want to be. If you only want to date people who are significantly younger than you, you should know you are putting a dangerous limitation on your choices. You see, in most cases, the truth is you don’t really look 15 years younger, and most people who actually are 15 years younger than you – want to date people their age, or people who are even younger than them. See the pattern? It’s a non-ending circle, and you might end up getting lost in it. Be realistic with your expectations. Love doesn’t only happen with young, gorgeous, sexy people. There are millions of singles over 50 who await for your attention. They are just like you, remember that.

Finding love after you’ve turned 50 is more than possible. If you know what you’re looking for and you know what you have to give, you are on your way to developing a perfect strategy for finding a brilliant date. Do your part and make yourself more presentable and more desirable – this will improve your chances by far.