How to Start an Online Conversation With a Woman

According to statistics, over 40% of female online daters have been contacted by a man in a way that made them feel uncomfortable. The possibility of you being one of these men is actually pretty high.

If you don’t want to be Mr. Creepy, you should consider these 6 awesome ways to start a conversation with a woman online – a conversation she will actually enjoy, that is.

  1. Keep your subject line and message short and precise.

The truth is, when a a woman receives a message with a sloppy subject or an unclear message, she won’t bother to respond. Chances are, she won’t even read the full message if she doesn’t like the subject line and message introduction.

A study has shown that women like getting messages with subject lines that are unique to her. They also like it when the subject line doesn’t contain more than 30 characters. The entire message in general should also be short – 200 characters being the ideal length.

  1. Forget about netspeak

What’s netspeak? Well, it’s all the words people only use on the net, like: “Ur”, “Luv”, “Wat”, etc.

We’re all busy people with full schedules and it’s understandable we use fewer and fewer words to get our point across.

However, the fact you can get away with telling your colleague or your cousin something like: “Ur late mofo!” doesn’t mean you can do the same with a woman you yet intend to start dating.

Sure, there are exceptions, such as lol and haha, but make sure you don’t lol in each sentence.

  1. Catch her off guard with a joke

This one is kind of hard to pull off, but if you do it right, it will do wonders for you. We all know that making a woman laugh gets most of the hard work done. Arouse her curiosity by starting a joke, but not finishing it. Chances are she’ll be prompted to guess the ending and reply with her version, or she might just ask: “What?” – and What is better than no answer.

  1. Mention something specific you’ve read in her profile

This could be her favorite book, band or movie, or maybe her food choices. The important thing is to make sure she realizes you’ve read her profile and got interested. Another important thing is to use words such as “you mention”, “good taste”, and “noticed that” while mentioning that specific thing you are talking about.

  1. Mirror her personality

So, let’s say you want to contact a gwoman who seems outgoing and funny – the best thing to do is to use a funny opener. If it’s a romantic person you want to talk about – be romantic, if she’s philosophical on her profile – by all means, try to be as philosophical as possible.

Use her profile as a guide for how you should contact her.

  1. Ask a question

There’s nothing quite as successful as a call to action, when it comes to getting responses. It’s pretty logical, if you think about it. If you don’t ask at least one question during your entire message, why would she even take the time to reply? Statements aren’t conversation starters.