Dating Over 50: How To Stay In The Game

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Just because you are mid-life doesn’t mean you should say goodbye to dating. In fact, there are many examples of people finding the true love of their life after they’ve turned 50 (or 60). You are still an emotional person with a strong hunger for live and romance, and you should let yourself find exactly what you need.

By the time they reach the age of 50, most people expect to already have someone they intend to grow old with, but these expectations don’t always come true. Whether you have faced a divorce, or went through widowhood, or you’ve just never actually found the one you are looking for, you might start to wonder if you could keep up with the new dating rules. Don’t worry – there are plenty of people who are just like you, and all you need to do is find each other.

Here’s some honest advice for everyone who wonders how to survive the dating game over 50:

You’re a catch, always remember this

Single people tend to be really hard on themselves, and as they get older, they get even harder. If you are feeling low, or facing low self-confidence, try to focus on your qualities. Start by writing down three things you are absolutely positive you have every right to feel good about. It doesn’t matter if these things include your gorgeous eyes, your cooking skills, or the fact that you can outrun your niece every morning when you go out jogging – just write down your 3 best qualities. Once you do this, move over to the next chapter: pick one thing about yourself you would like to improve. Maybe you feel you should get new clothes, or get a stylish hairdo. Maybe you want to take a dancing class and finally learn how to tango, or maybe you’d like to drop 10 pounds. Commit to a certain goal and watch your self-esteem rise. Giving yourself a goal to strive will do miracles for your self-love and your attitude.

Let people know you are ready to date

The most common reason many middle-aged people’s phones aren’t ringing is because no one knows they want them to ring! If no one thinks you are ready to date, if you haven’t joined a dating community, or even told your friends and family you are looking for someone special, how do you expect that special person to appear? Tell people you are looking for a setup. Find an appropriate dating service, create a profile and join the community. Don’t be shy.

Lighten up

When people reach their 50s, they often have a little more baggage than they did when they were younger. This sometimes results in a not-so-positive attitude, and we all know long faces aren’t really attractive. Even worse, many people tend to share their ugly love stories with their dates. Resist the urge to tell a war story when you go out on a date. Even if your ex cheated on you, or your last date was a total failure, try not to mention these things, because they will make you look bad, and you don’t want to sound desperate, angry or frustrated when you are on a date. Lighten up, talk about the good things in your life, share your hopes and goals and let the other person know you are up for the challenge.

Wear something sexy, yet age-appropriate

One thing we’ve all heard again and again, especially when it comes to dating, and especially when it comes to people who are over 50, “I have no clue what to wear”. Many people of this age feel like they are kind of stuck between dressing too young or too old for their age.

When it comes to dates, being comfortable in what you’re wearing is essential. By “comfortable” I don’t mean that old baggy dress that’s been hanging in your closet since the 90’s. Being comfortable means feeling good, feeling sexy, and feeling pretty when you look at yourself in the mirror. If you have a date set, and you have nothing in your closet that makes you feel that way, it’s time to go shopping. Don’t go shopping by yourself; take a friend that’s close to your age so they can help you out make the right choices.